Firman Siagian Gonna Rock Foreplay Club Batam

    Firman Siagian (born in Balige, Toba Samosir, 3 November 1978, age 39 years) is an Indonesian singer. She is an alumnus of Indonesian Idol in the second season and former vocalist of The Fly. Now Firman career as a solo singer.

Singer Firman Siagian, finally launched their latest single titled “Bukan Kamu Tapi Kamu”. In the song Word releases the Malay genre and switches to pop music. That Word said when met at a press conference launch of Mom3ntum 2018 album at Plaza Semanggi, South Jakarta, Wednesday (11/4/2018). “Okay, this new single “Bukan Kamu Tapi Kamu”, it’s a melow pop, even emotionally it’s almost like” Lost ” But there’s no Malay genre. This one is more thick popnya,” said Firman.

Dropped Indonesian Idol 2005 was told, the genre of the actual music of the Word is not malay. However, many people thought the Word changed his music in a new song.